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I cleaned up my gallery a bit. Added folders and moved some older stuff to scraps.
I guess I should enter fakemon contests more. Wish I could have spent more time on them.
Busy, busy, busy!!
All the Battle Masters monsters are up. I'm certainly glad people seem to be enjoying them^^
Just half the nature types. The rest tomorrow maybe. I have a headache.
Earth and Fire elements. Maybe more later, but I have some work to do.

Also, please keep in mind these aren't pokémon even though they're obviously inspired by them.
I'm pretty intolerant of people that don't read or pay attention.
I'm uploading some stuff from work starting with Battle Masters, the first project I ever did for Kramaley Games. It was a monster fighting game for facebook, and was actually quite popular in it's day, but alas it is no more.
I uploaded the water type tonight, others are pending as I am in desperate need of sleep.
You can keep up with the art I've been doing lately on my livejournal:
I really want to upload art, but various amounts of stupid crap keep coming up to prevent this love affair.
Cleaned up my gallery a bit. I deleted some old stuff, but most of it moved to scraps.